About us

Since its founding in 1989 by Vicente Vidales, the “Father,”  Prohosa (Prótesis Hospitalarias S.A) has managed to uphold the same business philosophy: Teamwork. Its top priority is to generate a tight-knit, family-like working environment amongst its staff, resulting in excellent service for its customers, with which it strives to achieve high levels of rapport, so as to cover the entire commercial spectrum and to generate synergies: Innovation, Guarantees, Service, Financing, etc. Our focus is not on short-term results. Rather, we place our trust in people and long-term relationships.


Starting out as an official distributor of Johnson & Johnson, for several of its lines (including prostheses, hence the company’s name), over the years it has managed to sustain its presence in the medical-surgical market with its own product lines. It has always featured a portfolio of products of the highest quality, developing them in close cooperation with its manufacturers and users, through to compete deployment on the market.


 All this would not have been possible without Prohosa’s most vital asset: its team. Anything is possible when all the members of a team are dedicated to the achievement of common goals, and a shared mission, minimising losses and, above all, sharing knowledge amongst team members in a spirit of cooperation and generosity. We place the group before the individual, at the same time respecting each team member’s private life.


All of this, combined with all the applicable technical and storage accreditations issued by the Ministry of Health and Spain’s autonomous communities, import licenses and international certifications, and, of course, its financial solvency, make Prohosa a stable and secure company with a promising future.